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National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conferences

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About the NCCTC

The nccTc was started in 1994 by members of the ADSS Commissioning and Contracting Regional Groups bringing together staff to share and develop good practice in commissioning and contracting.

The original conference was generic and covered both adults and children’s services. In 2003, in response to requests from commissioning and contracting staff, the conference was divided into adults and children’s services, so there are now two events each year, plus other specialist events and seminars all offering best practice at value for money prices.

Our home conference venue is the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire but we use other local venues to meet customer needs.

The conference helps to encourage networking and multi agency working to help commission and deliver better services for users. The events also look to engage with the independent sector to help develop better working relationships and service development.

The event is organised by representatives from Local Authorities, Health, DfES and in collaboration with academic leaders in the field of social care policy.

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Latest Delegate Comments

Very pleased with the content and workshops. Opportunity to network. Will recommend to other colleagues. Thank you. Stalls very good.
Good to see some areas are making real inroads into commissioning more effective

Kamla Millson

Good networking, friendly and relaxed. Well organised, excellent facilities and breaks. Excellent that personal issues were discussed re chimp management. One of the workshops was around stress. Thank you for supporting the individuals

Tracy Keyse

I have attended many conferences and I have to say this is one of the best ones. It has really broadened my thoughts and left me going back to work feeling motivated to implement some new models of care. Thank you.

Angie Dyson