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Delegate Comments

Very pleased with the content and workshops. Opportunity to network. Will recommend to other colleagues. Thank you. Stalls very good.
Good to see some areas are making real inroads into commissioning more effective

Kamla Millson

Good networking, friendly and relaxed. Well organised, excellent facilities and breaks. Excellent that personal issues were discussed re chimp management. One of the workshops was around stress. Thank you for supporting the individuals

Tracy Keyse

I have attended many conferences and I have to say this is one of the best ones. It has really broadened my thoughts and left me going back to work feeling motivated to implement some new models of care. Thank you.

Angie Dyson

Excellent as ever. Thank you

Maria Bell

Really interesting conference. Very informative, a great platform to share ideas

Catherine Dhokia

Excellent conference, well organised. Well Done

Ian Staples

Very good

Wismah Hearnshaw

great conference, well organised. Looking forward to next year!

Jacqui Tucker

brilliant conference- very helpful

Steve Vaughan

I have been very lucky with the workshops I attended. All 3 were individually hugely useful!!

Nadine Raenke

My first conference. I've really enjoyed it. Thank you

Claire Andrews

All good. Really enjoyed the workshops. Lots of great knowledge to take back, share at home to implement

Gemini Downing

Very well organised. Very pleased I attended

Julia Wales

A good mix of the theoretical and practical workshops relevant and interesting

Ian Gardner

Overall, good as always – conference is excellent VFM

This is a fantastic conference which really meets my need as a Procurement Manager and really well organised.

Big Positive - Really appreciated the opportunity to network. Well organised event with a current and relevant agenda that was thought provoking and motivational

Overall it was excellent – it hit the mark

The conference - content and organisation - was excellent and would definitely recommend to my other colleagues.

Think everyone did a brilliant job organsing it and really pleased I came. It was all very useful and will certainly start a debate in one or two areas in my authority.

The format, relevance and speakers were spot on, and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge that I have already been able to put into place at work. It was useful to be able to draw from other organisations experience and very positive that they were happy to share this to improve services nationally.

More of the same, it is great and I wouldn’t miss it!

First time I had attended this conference. Thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very relevant to my work.

Probably the most appropriate conference I have been to.

As ever, excellent conference - I find this event one of the most useful to my work.